Zen Mountain Tours

The journey begins in Asheville

Welcome to Zen Mountain Tours!

We offer custom tours and transportation for those interested in exploring the outdoor beauty that Western North Carolina has to offer. If you haven’t had a chance to enjoy the mountains and forests that surround this little paradise, then you haven’t experienced the joy of discovering some of Mother Nature’s most beautiful creations. We offer driving and hiking tours throughout the Blue Ridge Mountains across Western NC, as well as transportation to and from anywhere (well almost anywhere).

What makes Zen Mountain Tours different from other tour companies?

We specialize in meditative driving and hiking tours. As you may know, there have been hundreds of scientific studies touting the benefits of meditation, However, the most important benefit is increased happiness. But you don't have to sit quietly on a cushion to receive all of the benefits meditation has to offer. In fact, it can be far more useful to bring meditation practice into our moving world, because we spend most of our waking hours in motion. When we practice "meditation in motion" our environment becomes far less stressful, and we can actually get to a place where we enjoy all of the little things Life has to offer without sweating the little stuff. Not only do our meditative drives and hikes make meditation more enjoyable, they introduce you to a practice you can do anywhere, anytime.

Our mission is to help people connect with Inner Peace, while enjoying the sites and sounds of Nature, on a level that brings about life changing gratitude. 

We also provide traditional transportation around Western North Carolina, for those who aren't into meditation. No matter which you choose, we will get you there in One Peace!




"If you visit Asheville without venturing into Nature, you haven't truly experienced Asheville to its fullest. Immersing yourself in Nature is one of the best medicines around. The inner peace that comes from taking in beautiful scenery has a long lasting affect on one's state of mind. Our goal is to give everyone a taste of the peace we all crave." ~ Trey Carland (Owner of ZMT)