Zen Mountain Tours

Moving Meditation in the Mountains

We Get You Here in One Peace!

We offer custom tours and transportation for those interested in exploring the beauty that Western North Carolina has to offer. We invite you to come enjoy Being in some of Mother Nature’s oldest and most beautiful mountains.

What makes Zen Mountain Tours different from other tour companies?

We specialize in meditative driving and hiking tours. Silent sitting meditation is wonderful, but we have found that it is equally important to bring meditation practice into our moving world. When we practice meditation in motion, our environment becomes far less stressful and we can actually get to a place where we InJoy all of the little things Life has to offer without sweating the little stuff (as in 99.9% of the stuff). Meditating while in motion is very enjoyable and you can practice it anywhere, anytime.

We also provide traditional transportation around Western North Carolina, for those who aren't into meditation. No matter which you choose, we will get you Here in One Peace!


"Trey was very inspiring from the start of our interactions and adventure! He recommended some very helpful meditation techniques to use according to what we needed during our drive to the mountain. He took us to a beautiful mountain with a variety of nature elements and scenic spots. He assured us we could take our time at any of the stops and go at our own pace. During our hike and while overlooking the mountain he gave us meditative tid bits to help us to stay present, which was so awesome! Over all we had a very nice hike that was both meditative and informative. We would highly recommend it!" ~ Melissa D.


Why Zen?

As you may know, there have been hundreds of scientific studies touting the benefits of meditation, Whether you are practicing Zen, Mindfulness, Self-inquiry or any other form of meditation, the most important benefit is increased happiness. When we take a step into Nature in a meditative way, it brings about a sense of Aliveness and Joy that we often overlook. When we are fully present, we can InJoy Life much more deeply.

"When a person becomes fully present in Nature, the whole world comes alive and gratitude abounds. My passion is to assist anyone interested in experiencing the Joy of Being.” ~ Trey Carland (Owner of ZMT)