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About Us

Trey Carland, Owner

Trey is an Asheville native who grew up exploring the back roads and scenic byways of Western North Carolina. After a nature-assisted awakening experience in 2007, he became passionate about sharing the transformative power of meditation with the world. He began writing and eventually published a book, A Seeker's Guide to Inner Peace, which is a collection of insights and meditative practices that have brought many people a great deal of peace. He began hosting weekly group meetings in 2007 devoted to supporting people who have an interest in meditation and awakening. "I have found over the years that combining meditation with nature is a wonderful way to discover the peace that we all seek. I started offering meditation hikes in 2017 and have been adding new tours to the line up, all of which are designed to bring about inner peace and feelings of oneness." He loves driving and hiking in the mountains, and he wants to share that love with those who come to see what this area has to offer. Trey hosts weekly meditation group meetings and support groups. He drives for Uber and Lyft at night and has driven over 5,000 rides, with an average rider rating of 4.98 stars. Here is a glimpse of some of the rider feedback Trey has received: "This guy was PHENOMENAL!!! Wonderful service, above and beyond."; "Grateful for the safe trip and nice conversation!"; "Great service"'; "Non-conventional in the best way! I saw more of my town than I expected"; "Very easy going!"; "Literally the best driver! Thank you for dealing with our chattiness and driving so gently :-)"

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Melissa Dunlevy, Reiki Master, Intuitive Reader and Spiritual Cleanser

As the founder and sole Practitioner of Heal Your Vibe, Melissa is dedicated to awaken others to their true self and help them to continue on their path of alignment by providing powerful Reiki Distance Healing sessions, online training courses, and more. Her ultimate goal is to teach others how to become spiritually independent in their own day to day practice and share their knowledge with the world! 

As a true nature lover, grounding is a huge part of Melissa's own practice. She believes connection with nature is such an integral part of staying in alignment with one's own self. 

"We are made to be one with nature and to connect deeply to it. Somewhere along the way, we as a society have forgotten that. It is time to remember."


Stephan Martin, Astronomer

Stephan Martin is an astronomer and nature lover who has been interested in the intersection between science, spirituality, and consciousness for over thirty years. He grew up in South Florida and spent a lot of time under the dark skies of the Everglades and the Florida Keys and so it was natural that he became interested in astronomy and the mystery of the universe at an early age. Steve frequently offers experiential workshops on stargazing, astronomy and personal and cosmic transformation at observatories, learning centers, and other popular venues around the world. He’s interested in exploring and understanding the universe from different viewpoints and in helping others live expanded lives empowered by a cosmic perspective. His website is


Joshua Zamrin, Driver

Josh is a 27 year old full time student, private chauffeur, and Uber/Lyft driver. Josh's passions include meditation, yoga, movement, lifting weights, hiking, camping, cooking, reading, learning, spending time with loved ones, self-exploration, and all things conducive to human optimization. Upon finishing his Bachelor's degree in Health and Wellness promotion, Josh has aspirations of starting his own health coaching company and working with clients individually in order to help them realize their fullest potential. Josh is also a light-hearted jokester who truly enjoys the diverse topics of conversation he gets to engage in with his passengers.  With well over 2,000 rides under his belt, Josh has an average rider rating of 4.95 stars. Here is just a glance at the rider compliments Josh has received:  "Kind, nice, good conversationalist. Safe driver, friendly. Hope we can ride again."; "Polite and nice"; "Great driver. Very nice ride."; "Joshua is awesome!"; "The best Uber EVER!"




"Trey was very inspiring from the start of our interactions and adventure! He recommended some very helpful meditation techniques to use according to what we needed during our drive to the mountain. He took us to a beautiful mountain with a variety of nature elements and scenic spots. He assured us we could take our time at any of the stops and go at our own pace. During our hike and while overlooking the mountain he gave us meditative tid bits to help us to stay present, which was so awesome! Over all we had a very nice hike that was both meditative and informative. We would highly recommend it!" ~ Melissa D.

"Trey has extensive knowledge about the Blue Ridge Mountains and hiking in the Asheville area. He is also very skilled in the art of meditation and the combination of the two is a beautiful experience. Trey is kind, considerate, trustworthy, and has a calm and grounded presence. If you're looking for a guide I highly recommend him and Zen Mountain Tours." ~ Dana E.

"I had a great time connecting with nature with Trey! He led me on a very peaceful, meditative walk, pausing at times to sit and drink in the surrounding beauty. His guidance was thoughtful and intentional. I am very appreciative of the experience connecting with both him and the beautiful nature in Asheville." ~ Sarah

"Based on my experience, I recommend this tour highly and will gladly attend again. Trey was just lovely and exuded such warmth and kindness. He offers a safe, light space for anyone in his presence. The group seemed as if I knew them well before meeting them, and there was a massive exchange of beautiful energy amongst the whole group. Although the retreat was mostly silent, there has never been so much said and felt amongst a group of “strangers”. Through this tour, I have found friendship, peace, and well being all in one place. To anyone looking for a soul family, this is your tour! " ~ Amal A.

"I was flying in from LA to spend a memorable  mother daughter weekend. Neither my daughter or I have to Asheville but had heard great things. We wanted to explore the beautiful nature, yoga, massage and take in a little of the city. I contacted Trey from Zen Mountain Tours.  He personalized our itinerary and provided our transportation. There is some much to see and experience in Asheville.  Without Trey, it would have been exhausting and overwhelming rather than the peaceful and exhilarating vacation that it was. 

The meditation was new to us and the meditation driving was amazing!  I hope to incorporate mediation into my daily routine and hopefully my daughter will as well! Learned so much! With much gratitude." ~ Lori  S.