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Energetic Healing in Nature Tour Reviews

“My son and I had a truly magical adventure up the mountain with Trey. The hike was beautiful and Trey’s reiki sessions were powerful. This has been our favorite adventure in Asheville so far!” – Valley, VA

“This was an amazing experience. Exactly what I needed. Reiki and the mountains. Trey is so thoughtful, knowledgeable and very talented. You will really enjoy this. It might even change your life. :)” – Regina, NY

“We had a great time on Trey’s energetic healing hike. It was a very scenic trail with lots of huge rocks and a surprise view at the top! I enjoyed Trey’s comments as we hiked and the Reiki was a very cool experience. Extremely calming and meditative way to experience the mountains. Would recommend!” – Alicia, NC

“We found a great spot near a creek bend for our reiki sessions. Trey was very thoughtful, knowledgeable, and kind. We appreciated his observations after the session and left feeling open and energized.” – Taylor, CA

“Trey is personable and insightful. His passion for reiki and the energy healing in the mountains is very evident.” – Molly, IN

“Myself and two friends went on this hike with Trey and all enjoyed the experience very much. Trey was very accommodating and responsive with the booking. During the experience itself we had great conversations and a reiki session that left us all feeling very peaceful, while learning helpful meditation tips as well. Would definitely recommend!” – Kate, NJ


Awakening in Nature Tour Reviews

“I enjoyed & highly recommend the "awakening in nature" tour with Trey! Trey is kind, full of patience and led us in simple yet powerful meditations during our hike. It was a magical time!” – Joy, NC

“Trey was a wonderful host on the hike. I wanted a safe experience as a solo female hiker and that is exactly what I got. He advised me on the best directions to use to get there and then our hike was fabulous! Perfect weather and very comfortable atmosphere to enjoy nature. We took our time and even meditated for a bit. It was a great experience!” – Madison, SC

“Trey was the perfect hiking guide. He was patient and really shared a lot of local history during the hike. He also was great at making sure we had moments to take breaks and capture some amazing photos and views. Southern hospitality and super pleasant. Would highly recommend.” – Daniel, FL

“Hiking in WNC is plentiful and extraordinary. My hiking experience with Trey was elevated to GRAND and SURREAL. The place, the company, the vibe - all together - is impossible to forget, delightful to remember! I highly recommend this experience.” – Sandy, NC

“Trey tailored the experience for our group and it turned out to be the most enjoyable group hike I have ever been on. The terrain and views were amazing. Trey's guidance added a special layer to the hike which made for an overall wonderful evening.” – Tammarra, NY

“Trey Thanks again for a truly magical hike. I got some phenomenal photos and enjoyed everything about the Bearwallow Mountain Trail experience. Awesome all the way around! I'll be back!” – Michael, NY

“I had a great time hiking with Trey! He was very accommodating and kind. I felt very comfortable as a solo female hiker, and he took me to a great spot!” – Madison, TX

“Great Hike and Experience!” – Stephanie

“Thankful for the peaceful adventure, the beautiful space and of course Trey, our thoughtful guide. Highly recommend!” – Mike, VA

“My hike with Trey was incredible and he had a lot of thoughtful wisdoms and insights to share. I left feeling happy and peaceful. As a solo female traveler, I was not worried for my safety. Great experience!” – Sarah, NC

“Trey was great beautiful scenery and experience highly recommend 🤙🏻” John, NC

“I highly recommend this experience! I loved the integration of mindfulness. It absolutely enhanced the beauty of the trail Trey took our group on. Trey also provided some helpful meditation techniques as part of the experience, and was incredibly kind and communicative.” – Hannah, MA

“Had a great time hiking with Trey! Even with the cold and rain, he made it an enjoyable experience. The time he takes for quiet pauses gave us the chance to be still and reflect on the beauty around us. I appreciated that the directions he gave led us right to the trail head and he was there on time. We’ll def look Trey up next time we’re in Asheville.” – Devin, OH

“This experience was definitely worth it! Pet friendly, beautiful views, and great conversations. Amazing tips and discussion about meditation. Trey is super accommodating and picks a hike that is close to your location. Also, he is okay if you already had one in mind. Great for first time hikers.” – Sam, KY

“This was one of the best, most memorable experiences that I've ever had on a trip. It was soooo enlightening and refreshing. Trey was so kind and knowledgeable about nature and life, in general. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed this. We highly recommend this experience!” – Raven, TN

“A rather eye opening experience discovering the connection between mind, body, and nature. Left the experience with the strong intrest to practice meditation.” – Brandon, MD

“Trey is an amazing adventurer and guide. Very zen, calming and informative. Really enjoyed our hike, minus freezing fingers and toes (but that’s up to Mother Nature) !” – Sarah, MO

“Booking the experience with Trey made our hike much more relaxing. He chose a beautiful hike, that was timed perfectly and reminded us we were there to enjoy an experience. We stopped along the trail to appreciate the beauty and the moment and we lingered at the top while the sun set. Had I gone on my own, I would likely have rushed through the hike missing out on so much. Trey created a calming, peaceful experience to be remembered. I will definitely plan to hike with him again when we return.” – Kim, IN

“Trey is open, kind , and patient.” – Haley, GA

“We booked a private tour because this was our daughter’s first hike (she’s 19months). We are first time parents and were a bit nervous we were going to hold the group up. Our initial interaction with Trey was very warm and welcoming. He understood our need for this experience and understood our situation with our little girl. He was always quick to respond and found a perfect hike that felt as if it was made specifically for us. When we first met, he set the tone of the hike and we were able to leave everything from the outside world off of the mountain. Even our daughter relaxed and remained calm during the entire duration. It felt as if we walked with a friend and time stood still as we hiked through the mountain. Trey was nothing short of amazing and provided us with much knowledge of the land around us and what to look for in a physical and mental state. As we ended our tour, he left us with knowledge of forgiveness that resonated with both of us. We took those words to heart and left the mountain with a clear head and pure heart. I would recommend this hike to everyone. It doesn’t matter the reasoning for the experience because Trey is an amazing person to have “hangout” with during that time.” – Nykita, DC

“I had a great time connecting with nature with Trey! He led me on a very peaceful, meditative walk, pausing at times to sit and drink in the surrounding beauty. His guidance was thoughtful and intentional. I am very appreciative of the experience connecting with both him and the beautiful nature in Asheville.” – Sarah, TX


"Trey has extensive knowledge about the Blue Ridge Mountains and hiking in the Asheville area. He is also very skilled in the art of meditation and the combination of the two is a beautiful experience. Trey is kind, considerate, trustworthy, and has a calm and grounded presence. If you're looking for a guide I highly recommend him and Zen Mountain Tours." ~ Dana, NC

"Based on my experience, I recommend this tour highly and will gladly attend again. Trey was just lovely and exuded such warmth and kindness. He offers a safe, light space for anyone in his presence. The group seemed as if I knew them well before meeting them, and there was a massive exchange of beautiful energy amongst the whole group. Although the retreat was mostly silent, there has never been so much said and felt amongst a group of “strangers”. Through this tour, I have found friendship, peace, and well being all in one place. To anyone looking for a soul family, this is your tour! " ~ Amal, NC

"I was flying in from LA to spend a memorable  mother daughter weekend. Neither my daughter or I have to Asheville but had heard great things. We wanted to explore the beautiful nature, yoga, massage and take in a little of the city. I contacted Trey from Zen Mountain Tours.  He personalized our itinerary and provided our transportation. There is some much to see and experience in Asheville.  Without Trey, it would have been exhausting and overwhelming rather than the peaceful and exhilarating vacation that it was. 

The meditation was new to us and the meditation driving was amazing!  I hope to incorporate mediation into my daily routine and hopefully my daughter will as well! Learned so much! With much gratitude." ~ Lori